PRESERVATION POSSE @ the former Baron HIrsch

Enjoy a tour of the former Baron Hirsch Synagogue! 

Includes refreshments and the opportunity to see what’s happening with preservation in Memphis!

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1740 Vollintine Ave.

Memphis, TN 38107

Currently: Gethsemane Garden Church of God In Christ


Pricing for Members: $15.00 per person

Pricing for Non-Members: $25.00 per person

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Baron Hirsch Congregation was started in the late 1800s and had its’ first home in the historic Pinch District.  The congregation thrived and became too small for its’ original home.  In the  1950’s they  built North America’s largest synagogue on Vollintine and Evergreen and emerged as the largest Orthodox congregation in the United States.

The new synagogue witnessed a doubling of membership, and its family members exceeded one thousand.  During the late 1960s and 1970s, family mobility  necessitated finding an additional location in which the membership could be served as ever-growing numbers were moving to East Memphis. In the 1980s the building was sold as Baron Hirsch Congregation made their new home in East Memphis.

With Philip Belz is the owner of the quarry in Israel where the stone was purchased.

Photo from Judy Waldman’s article, “A Shul With A Story: Baron Hirsch Synagogue (Part II)”