Become a part of Memphis Heritage…  include us in your end-of-year giving.

Dear Friend of Memphis Heritage,

Our annual giving campaign, in full swing right now, is essential to the bottom line of Memphis Heritage. As most of you know, MHI is supported entirely by private dollars through memberships and donations. This annual operating gift campaign was started five years ago as a very important component of MHI’s annual fundraising activity.

We know that many non profits ask for your support at this time of the year. We are grateful for your support throughout the year and hope you will consider a year end donation to help Memphis Heritage continue its mission. For over 38 years Memphis Heritage, a 501(c) 3 non profit, has been the foremost advocate for preserving historic buildings and neighborhoods in our City. We provide education on the amazing narrative of Memphis’ history and partner with others to preserve and improve the buildings and neighborhoods where it all took place. These historic neighborhoods are now home to new residents and families who come to the home of Memphis Heritage, Howard Hall, for educational and fundraising events and to hold community discussions. They are supported by members and sustainers of Memphis Heritage and by the many resources and programs developed and presented by Memphis Heritage over three decades.

Below are just some of the benefits that Memphis Heritage brings to our community:
Preservation of historic buildings and places (most recently Overton Square and the Rowland Darnell House aka 19th CC)

Howard Hall as a Community Asset and Resource

Providing valuable internships to local college students

Protecting Neighborhoods through Advocacy

Annual Preservation and Educational Series

History presentations to students including the “Then and Now” series

Keystone newsletter

As you plan your 2013 end-of-year giving, please make a gift to Memphis Heritage.

By giving, you will ensure the support it takes to keep making the kind of difference that will give Memphis’ Past a Future!.

Thank you for your support!