IMPORTANT NEWS……With your help today, we can change the future for historic buildings in Tennessee!

Our chance to enact a state incentive to attract private capital investment in job-creating historic rehabilitation projects is now!

35 other states – including all of the states surrounding Tennessee – have already taken this important step, and they are seeing the results: historic buildings that would not be rehabilitated without the help of an investment inventive are getting done, jobs are being created, economic development is occurring, communities are revitalizing, and heritage tourism is happening.

A study of the economic and fiscal impacts of a Tennessee historic rehabilitation investment incentive found that it will much more than pay for itself, so it is revenue-positive for the state.

Now is Tennessee’s time, and now is when your help is most important!

The first legislative hearing on the bill will be next week.

Please call and email West Tennessee state legislators today to urge their support for this proven investment incentive.

When you call and email, please urge legislators to strongly support “The Tennessee Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit Act” (House Bill 1474 by Representative Steve McDaniel) because it will:
• make our state more competitive in attracting private capital investment for the preservation of historic buildings,
• create jobs in communities of all sizes throughout the state, and
• generate new economic development that much more than pays for the cost of the credit.

West Tennessee Legislators to Contact Today

Representative G.A. Hardaway
(615) 741-5625
[email protected]

Representative Johnnie Turner
(615) 741-6954
[email protected]

Representative Craig Fitzhugh
(615) 741-2134
[email protected]

Representative Curtis Halford
(615) 741-7478.
[email protected]

Representative Karen Camper
(615) 741-1898
[email protected]