Deni Carr Reilly did a marvelous job at tonight’s Memphis Heritage 2014 Preservation Series lecture. We thank her so very much for sharing the wonderful stories about how she and her husband, Patrick, created the great Majestic Grill Restaurant in a historic movie theater !

Originally built in 1913 as the Majestic No. 1, a silent picture house that entertained Memphians for three decades, the restaurant gives diners a glimpse of the heady Hollywood days of ol’. From the beautifully restored Beaux Arts décor to expertly prepared classic cocktails to warm, gracious service to Chef/Owner Patrick Reilly’s award wining, yet remarkably comfortable food, you find yourself feeling transported to another time. Add to that the largest private movie screen in the city showing silent films & classic movies and you’re center stage in an atmosphere that reclaims the cinematic glory of the dawn of the silver screen.

Address: 145 S Main St, Memphis, TN 38103
Phone:(901) 522-8555