Status: Preserved

Address: 993 Roland Street, Memphis

Built: 1914, ca. 1925 and 1930

Architectural Style: Jacobean Revival

Original Function/Purpose: Education

Rozelle Elementary School was placed on the National Register on Sept. 17, 1982.

History: This school is one of few examples of seventeenth century Jacobean style architecture in Memphis. The 1914 school was designed by architects Walk C. Jones Sr. and Max Furbringer; additions followed in ca. 1925 and ca. 1930. One of the buildings was used at one time as a branch of the Cossitt Library. The school was an “all-white” school until Oct. 3, 1961, when 13 African-American first-graders were enrolled in Bruce, Gordon, Rozelle and Springdale Elementary Schools. No more than four Black students were enrolled per school and only one per class. In 1982 the Memphis Board of Education nominated a dozen schools to the National Register in a Multiple Property Listing of public schools constructed between 1902 and 1915; of the seven that were accepted, Rozelle is one of three that remain in use today and are still on the NR.

City Council District: 4

Super District: 8

County Commission District: 10