Status: Preserved

Address: 996 Early Maxwell Boulevard, Mid-South Fairgrounds, in Memphis

Built: 1964

Architectural Style: Modern

Original Function/Purpose: Entertainment

The Mid-South Coliseum was placed on the National Register on Dec. 6, 2000.

History: Opened in 1964, this building has been called “The Entertainment Capitol of the Mid-South” and certainly lived up to that name. Both the Beatles and Elvis performed in this building, which seats around 10,000 people. Home to many sports venues and franchises ranging from professional wrestling to hockey to professional and Memphis Tigers basketball, the Coliseum has hosted numerous great events over the years. The building has been closed since 2006 and has been the subject of numerous demolition threats. The Tennessee Preservation Trust named the Coliseum to its 2016 “Ten in Tennessee Endangered Properties List.” In November 2017 the City of Memphis announced plans to again mothball the building while it developed plans to redevelop the Fairgrounds. However, the City has allowed tours of the building and several volunteer clean-ups inside, while supporters of the Coliseum’s renovation have held occasional pre-vitalization events or “Roundhouse Revivals.” Visitors to the area now will see a series of recently-painted murals on the outside of the building that recall past Memphis events.

City Council District: 4

Super District: 8

County Commission District: 10