Status: Preserved

Address: 168 East Parkway South, Memphis

Built: 1912

Architectural Style: Beaux Arts

Original Function/Purpose: Residential

The Joseph Newburger House was placed on the National Register on Apr. 29, 1982.

History: The Newburger house was designed by the prominent Memphis architectural firm of Hanker and Cairns, who designed other well-known properties such as the Peabody Hotel and the Nineteenth Century Club. Joseph Newburger, the original owner, was a successful businessman, philanthropist and international figure in the cotton industry. He established the Newburger Cotton Company in Mississippi in 1893; it expanded to Memphis in 1896, where it became significant in the commercial development of the Mississippi Valley. One of the most beautiful and impressive buildings in Memphis, and an outstanding example of early twentieth century craftsmanship, the structure is in use today as the Memphis Theological Seminary.


City Council District: 5

Super District: 9

County Commission District: 10