Status: Preserved

Address: 3085 Honey Tree Drive, Germantown

Built: 1863-1864

Architectural Style: Park

Original Function/Purpose: Park

The Germantown Redoubt was placed on the National Register on June 6, 1991.

History: The Germantown Redoubt site is a hilltop fortification next to the Louisville and Nashville Railroad east of the older part of Germantown. It dates back to the Civil War as a point along the Memphis-Charleston Railroad, a vital Confederate supply route and is one of the few remaining Civil War redoubts in Tennessee, as well as in the Mid-South area. Archeological field work from 1985 revealed a trench for setting a series of posts along the line of the wall (for a revetment), charcoal and soil stain evidence of posts and possible other wood elements, as well as Minie balls (ammunition), nails and pieces of sheet iron scrap from inside the wall trench, and at least one musket ball. The redoubt remains in excellent condition as an example of a virtually intact Civil War outpost, as well as what military occupation life could have been like, well behind the front lines.


Outline of Germantown Redoubt (Fort Germantown Park).
Map of the park used in its National Register nomination.

City Council District: N/A

Super District: N/A

County Commission District: 4