Status: Preserved

Location: Delmar Avenue and Lema Place, Memphis

Built: 1895-1915

Architectural Style: Shotguns, double shotguns and L-plan double shotguns

The Delmar-Lema Historic District was placed on the National Register on Mar. 12, 1998.

History: During a population boom in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the houses built in the Delmar-Lema Historic District embodied the urbanization of cities in the post-antebellum South. Here, African-American and white workers lived side by side. The unique situation of this district most likely arose from the odd shape of the lots the houses were built on. This district contains some of the last examples of “shotgun” style housing, as many of these are the targets of demolition.


The current outline of the Delmar-Lema Historic District.
Map of the district used in its National Register nomination.

City Council District: 7

Super District: 8

County Commission District: 8