Status: Preserved

Address: 3023 Spottswood Avenue, Memphis

Built: 1912

Architectural Style: Transitional American Foursquare home

Original Function/Purpose: Residential

The Daniel Hanley House was placed on the National Register on Oct. 28, 2021.

History: This two and one-half story home “is an excellent and uncommon example of a transitional American Foursquare house exhibiting stylistic influences from Victorian-era styles as well as the Colonial Revival, Classical Revival, and Prairie styles.” Its size and comparative grandeur next to the other houses in the neighborhood suggest that Daniel Hanley was a financially successful farmer, and his famjly retained the home through the Great Depression. Family history credits Hanley with donating land for Hanley Elementary School and for being the namesake for nearby Hanley Headstart, Hanley Street and Hanley Park.

City Council District: 4

Super District: 8

County Commission District: 10