Status: Preserved

Location: Bounded by East Parkway South and McLean Boulevard on the east and west, and Southern Avenue on the south; and on the north, the L & N (now CSX) Railroad right-of-way and its abandoned spur (that runs east from Barksdale Street to the intersection of East Parkway South and Central Avenue).

Built: 1880-1940

Architectural Style: Bungalow / Craftsman, Colonial Revival, Queen Anne

Original Function/Purpose: Residential

The Cooper-Young Historic District was placed on the National Register on June 22, 1989.

















History: From the core subdivision of Mount Arlington emerged the greater neighborhood of Cooper-Young, as wave after wave of subdivisions were taken by developers and homebuilders into older pre-annexation towns of Idlewild, Lenox and Madison, among others. Apart from the Craftsman style, the Colonial / Tudor Revival and lingering Queen Anne Revival style were the most popular architectural styles applied to the cottages and bungalows built in these neighborhoods. Today Cooper-Young stands as one of the most popular neighborhoods in Midtown and is bustling with local businesses and restaurants. Cooper-Young Historic District is one of the National Register-listed districts recognized (and protected) by the City of Memphis as a local historic district or Historic Overlay District.


The current outline of the Cooper-Young Historic District.

City Council District: 4

Super District: 8

County Commission District: 10