Status: Preserved

Location: Roughly bounded by Walnut Street, Poplar Avenue, North Main Street, and North and South Rowlett Streets, and including Natchez Street, in Collierville

Built: ca. 1865-1944

Architectural Style: Various: Greek Revival, Queen Anne, Colonial Revival, Commercial Italianate

Original Function/Purpose: Residential

The Collierville Historic District was placed on the National Register on March 12, 1990.

History: Collierville Historic District consists of 127 properties of mixed uses including and surrounding its Town Square, which was established in 1866. The architectural styles are diverse, but largely superimposed on vernacular building forms. The district represents “a nearly complete cross-section of the historical development of the Town and its daily functions” and has been “a microcosm of small town life” in western Tennessee during the century and a half since.


Outline of the Collierville Historic District, showing both the Local Historic District Boundary (bold line) and the National Register Historic District Boundary (dashed line). Reproduced from page 7 of “Collierville Historic District Design Guidelines.
Map of the district used in its National Register nomination.

City Council District: N/A

Super District: N/A

County Commission District: 2