Status: Preserved

Address: 1291 Winchester Road, Collierville

Built: ca. 1841, ca. 1867

Architectural Style: Vernacular Greek Revival-influenced I-House with sheds

Original Function/Purpose: Residential

The Charles Davis House was placed on the National Register on May 18, 2017.

History: The Charles Davis House or Porter House dates from about 1841, with additions in ca. 1867, 1959 and 1986. The land was sold by a Chickasaw woman named Shi Mi O Kay in 1836, and in 1841 came into the hands of the Freeman family who constructed a house there. House and land passed through a series of owners to Charles R. Davis in 1856, and in 1945 from the Davises to John and Mary Locke Porter. The Davises, southern planters, remodeled the house which remained in their family for three generations. The Porters rehabilitated the interior of the house, making sensitive alterations that preserved its integrity. A member of that family maintains the property today.

City Council District: N/A

Super District: N/A

County Commission District: 2