The time is here to once again invite all artists, architects, woodworkers, designers, engineers and creative types to join in the fun of Memphis Heritage’s 2016 Adapt-A-Door Design “8”…. Memphis Heritage’s annual Fundraiser is here!


Just as a reminder……Here’s how it works…….


You decide you want to let your creative side go wild and enter MHI’s 2016 Adapt-A-Door Design competition…we let you pick up the door (window) of your choice at the Dunkin Donut Door Dash on Saturday, June 18th from 10 till noon at Howard Hall. You choose from a collection of cool old doors or windows to recycle and transform into a fabulous “work of art” that will be auctioned at the Adapt a Door “8” Auction and Party at Howard Hall on Saturday, Oct 29.


Cost to enter the competition is $25.00 per door. For the $25.00 commitment fee you will receive 2 tickets ($100 value) to the “Door Auction” party and an annual MHI membership.
We are again offering a different “door art” opportunity…to create a door from your own materials, using any medium and whatever size you want it to be. (Door Artists Sponsorships are available)


The only limitation is your imagination!


We challenge our supporters to come and adopt a door or make your own version of “Door” art and help MHI continue its dedicated work on behalf of our entire community.
If you have any questions about this outrageous door event contact MHI at 901.272.2727 or email [email protected]

AAD Door Dash Entry Form 2016


All proceeds from this cool one of a kind fundraiser support the important work that MHI does for our entire community…
“Giving Memphis’ Past a Future”

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Come and get your door for Adapt-A-Door Design “8”!

Memphis Heritage RUNS on Dunkin’