Ask yourself…….. Should I Join Memphis Heritage?

The answer to this question should be an overwhelming “YES!” If you support Memphis’ only non-profit organization that works to preserve historic neighborhoods, buildings and landmarks in all of Memphis and Shelby County— landmarks like the Rowland Darnell Home (aka 19th CC), Ashlar Hall, The TN Brewery, Chisca Hotel neighborhood buildings like Overton Square and South Main then we need you to join and become an official member!  We are an organization that has passion and love for our City and realizes the beauty and history that most people take for granted. If you have you ever wanted to help do something valuable and work with a lot of like-minded people?  You’ll find that with Memphis Heritage.

There are several reasons to join Memphis Heritage. Some people join to support local historic preservation. Others join to become exposed to the rich depth of history through a non-profit organization’s perspective. Some individuals join for a particular cause, building or neighborhood that they want to protect. And a few simply want to join to support a great organization and keep it alive for generations to come. Whatever the reason, we welcome everyone.

Many of our members are from other places; some have even moved away from Memphis and then moved back, but remained members while they were away! Now, that’s loyalty! We exist through membership dollars and count on our great volunteers, without these two things, we wouldn’t be able to keep the doors open. And everything we accomplish is done by people like you who want to see some of our City’s greatest assets—its historic buildings—saved and appreciated.

Memphis has become a group of many different types of people. Historical preservation goes beyond race, color, religion or nationality. What we need are people who care—care about Memphis, care about their neighborhoods, care about their history and the great things that have been done here. we welcome all!

We are staffed by an Executive Director and part time assistant AND by great volunteers who include the Board of Directors, committee chairs, “Preservation Posse” workers, writers for the Keystone, etc. If you want to help, we can use you. If you want to simply support us by becoming a paid member and keeping up with our efforts, we need that too!