The Nineteenth Century Club will not be demolished.   This is a huge victory for preservationists after a year and a half court battle. Memphis Heritage confirms the new owners of the property, the Lin family, will not take a wrecking ball to the historic mansion to make way forContinue Reading

Memphis Heritage uses state receivership law to salvage historic Richards House. Full story by¬†BIANCA PHILLIPS   In 1883, cotton merchant Newton Copeland Richards built a stately Queen Anne-style home with a rounded porch and circular balcony latticework at 975 Peabody. Richards went on to become the president of the MemphisContinue Reading

The Keystone is a publication of Memphis Heritage, and the voice of the Memphis Preservation Community. The Keystone advocates preservation of historic resources in Memphis and Shelby County and features news and stories about local history, preservation, neighborhoods, community development, architecture and the environment. Our readership includes our members and othersContinue Reading