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March 1, 6-7pm – Tales from a Custom Headstone Designer – Paul West, Owner, West Memorials

Have you ever wondered how headstones are designed and fabricated? West Memorials creates headstones and monuments that focus on how a person lived, not their death. Paul West will discuss his unique work and share interesting stories that only a custom headstone designer can tell!

March 8, 6-7pm – There & Gone: Working for the Dead – Kim Bearden, Executive Director, Elmwood Cemetery

Why do we bury our dead? Early Greek philosophers pondered why it is that society cares for the lifeless. But for the living, the dead, like history, have not even really passed. That’s where this presentation begins. Cemeteries, cremation, charnel houses, catacombs, pyramids, and more – Kim Beaden’s taking us on a trip through time during this presentation.

March 15, 6-7pm –Tennessee’s Historic Cemeteries: Laws, Scandals, and More! – Graham Perry, Historic Cemetery Preservation Specialist, Tennessee Historical Commission

Did you know that Tennessee has more than 30,000 cemeteries? What should you do if you find a cemetery on your private property? Can a cemetery be relocated? Join Graham Perry for a lively discussion of Tennessee’s cemetery laws, scandals, and more!

March 22, 6-7pm – Sacred to the Memory: African American Burial Places in Shelby County – Coriana Close, Associate Professor of Photography, University of Memphis

There are believed to be hundreds of abandoned cemeteries in Shelby County, and many contain graves of African Americans. Coriana Close’s past work has examined racially charged social and political history via landscape photography. This project goes a step further capturing the last physical manifestations of the dead. Join us to hear about Ms. Close’s project to document abandoned, semi-abandoned, and forgotten African American burial places in Shelby County.