Status: Preserved

Address: 128-130 Court Avenue, Memphis

Built: 1890

Architectural Style: Victorian Romanesque and Moorish

Original Function/Purpose: Entertainment

The Tennessee Club-Overall Goodbar Building was placed on the National Register on Apr. 22, 1982.

History: This property was designed by architect Edward Terrell in an unusual combination of Victorian Romanesque and Moorish styles. It was chartered primarily by former Confederate officers who wanted to restore social graces to the city after years of Union occupation. Originally organized as a social club, it was also made into a library and art gallery which sponsored civic and scientific debates. It was visited by Presidents William H. Taft and Theodore Roosevelt. E.H. Crump is said to have conducted much city business from a meeting room now named the Crump Room. It was purchased by the law firm of Burch, Porter, and Johnson in 1970.


City Council District: 6

Super District: 8

 County Commission District: 8