Status: Preserved

Address: 478 Scott Street, Memphis

Built: 1955

Architectural Style: Neoclassical

Original Function/Purpose: Church

The Rock of Ages Christian Methodist Episcopal Church was placed on the National Register on Apr. 10, 2017.

History: The present church sanctuary was constructed in 1955, above and around the site of an older edifice. The older building dated from before 1927, serving a congregation of the “Colored Methodist Episcopal Church” in the segregated neighborhood of Binghamton. Construction of the new building was promoted by Rev. B.F. Harris during his pastorate in the early 1950s. The design was by the Nashville firm of McKissack & McKissack. In the 1960s, meetings here of church members and others helped launch unionization efforts by African-American sanitation workers as well as Civil Rights activism in Memphis.


City Council District: 5

Super District: 9

County Commission District: 7