UPDATE: Last one room schoolhouse in Shelby County

Little Red Schoolhouse 2.10 001

One year after our last published article on this issue in the Keystone—Memphis Heritage is bringing you an update on the status of the President’s Island One Room Schoolhouse, its restoration and transfer to East High School. After local students from an AP U.S. History class at East researched the building’s history and articulated the significance of its preservation, it was decided that plans would move forward to raise funds to restore the historic schoolhouse and relocate it on the East High campus. Not only will the schoolhouse be a museum that tangibly shows how Memphis City Schools have evolved over time, but an area just outside the one room building will be designated where history lectures will occur. Much like historic “stump” speeches of the past.

An online oral history blog was created by the East High students to supplement the physical site. This educational project was a concept begun by Mr. Mark Scott’s AP history class and includes the personal testimonies of past students that were taught at the One-Room Schoolhouse CLICK HERE TO READ BLOG .

In the manner that it was initiated, the project is to remain organized by a student-led group from East High. The schoolhouse will hopefully be moved to the planned site soon, Memphis Heritage along with East High and Middle TN State College are currently applying for grants to abate environmental issues—like asbestos—that must be removed before restoration can begin.

Any help with this project or to get involved, please contact Memphis Heritage at 901-272-2727.

Lizzie Steen,  Rhodes College Fellow 2011