Status: Preserved

Address: 6256 Poplar Avenue, Memphis

Built: 1852

Architectural Style: Greek Revival with Victorian elements

Original Function/Purpose: Residential

The Mosby-Bennett House was placed on the National Register on May 27, 1980.

History: The Mosby-Bennett House is a representation of architecture prominent in rural areas surrounding Memphis in the mid- and late-1800s. The house interior also denotes its significance as the headquarters of a large plantation. The house boasts at least one porch at each elevation. It was reportedly visited by General Ulysses S. Grant as he made his way to the battle of Shiloh. The house now serves as an office for the law firm of Bailey, Clarke & Benfield and has been sensitively restored and updated.


City Council District: 2

Super District: 9

County Commission District: 13