This special reception honored the students and teachers, and the winners! The work now on display at Howard Hall shows excellence, effort and awareness by all students and is highly commended by all members of the Board at Memphis Heritage and the AIA – a huge thank you to all the teachers, families and students for being part of this great annual event!

Students were asked to explore the historic buildings and spaces around them through an art medium of their choice. In addition, participants submitted a short essay describing why they chose the building/space and how they feel about the historic property they chose.

The work is on display throughout the month of May at Howard Hall, in honor of National Preservation Month.


Division                                          Grade & School                                       Teacher         

4th – 6th

1st  Anna Liu                         6th    Briarcrest                                       Elaine Neely

2nd  Natalya Johnson              6th  John P. Freeman Optional         Pauline Williams

3rd  Angela Xu                       6th St. Marys                                          Elaine Neely

Honorable Mention
Wilson Willie                           4th Arlington Elementary               Courtney Juneau


7th – 9th (tie for first place)

1st  Jayla Hall                            7th  Colonial Middle                       Jennifer Shiberou

1st  Jennifer Xiao                      9th White Station                               Charles Berlin

2nd  Sarah Liu                            8th Briarcrest                                       Elaine Neely

3rd  Daniel Harris                      9th  White Station                               Jamin Carter

Honorable Mention
Amber Jones                               9th White Station                                  Jamin Carter

Amy Zhou                                    7th Schilling Farms Middle           Elaine Neely


10th – 12th   

1st  Elise Herenton                  12th White Station                                   Charles Berlin

2nd  John Hendricks               11th Home Life Academy                         Elaine Neely

3rd  Natalie Harwood             11th Home School                                   Elaine Neely

Honorable Mention
Eddie Bryson                            10th Central                                             Jessica White

Breyana Donald                      10th Oakhaven                                        Eric Echols