Status: Preserved

Address: 90 West Poplar Avenue, Collierville

Built: 1911-1912

Architectural Style: Colonial Revival

Original Function/Purpose: Residential

The Jack Dudney House was placed on the National Register on Mar. 29, 1991.

History: The Jack Dudney House is a one-story, five-bay frame variation of the late-Victorian Cottage plan and form with elements of the Colonial Revival style, built ca. 1911-1912 for John Frank (Jack) Dudney, Jr. It is a distinctive example of the residential and commercial construction boom in Collierville during the period ca. 1895 to 1920, and remains as a visible and notable part of the streetscape of West Poplar Avenue, the major east / west transportation artery through this portion of Shelby County. Jack Dudney played a major role in Collierville’s retail businesses in the early twentieth century, becoming partner of the grocery and dry goods company with W. J. Crenshaw of Collierville. He eventually joined with J.T. Biggs in 1914 to open a general merchandise and dry goods store under the name of Biggs and Dudney, which served as a small department store of sorts for the retail needs of the growing Collierville area. Dudney was elected Chairman of the County Quarterly Court, a position he held until his death, with his tenure as Chairman lasting longer than any county-elected official in the years before or since. The house is still owned by members of the family by marriage.


City Council District: N/A

Super District: N/A

County Commission District: 2