Status: Preserved

Address: 824 South Dudley Street, Memphis

Built: 1852-1951

Architectural Style: Cemetery

Original Function/Purpose: Cemetery

Elmwood Cemetery was placed on the National Register on Mar. 20, 2002.

History: Elmwood Cemetery is the oldest active cemetery in Memphis and one of the first rural garden cemeteries in the South. It was established in 1852 with the financial assistance of 50 men who each contributed $500 to purchase the land. Plans for the grounds included a park-like atmosphere where beautiful gardens were tended and individual monuments celebrated both life and death. Today the cemetery is notable for its park-like setting, sweeping vistas, shady knolls, large stands of ancient trees and magnificent monuments. Originally consisting of 40 acres, the cemetery was expanded to 80 acres after the Civil War. The cemetery has always been all-inclusive and houses the remains of Blacks, whites, the rich, the poor, and members of all religions and ethnicities. Elmwood is a site on the Memphis Women’s Legacy Trail; five women interred there are honored with markers.


Elmwood Cemetary
Map of the cemetery used in its National Register nomination. Numbers are keyed to photos of the cemetery included in the nomination.

City Council District: 6

Super District: 8

County Commission District: 8