Status: Preserved

Address: 824 South Dudley Street, Memphis

Built: ca. 1880, ca. 1900

Architectural Style: Victorian Carpenter Gothic

Original Function/Purpose: Cemetery

The Elmwood Cemetery Office and Entrance Bridge was placed on the National Register on May 22, 1978.

History: Occupying Phillips Cottage, the only example of Victorian Carpenter Gothic architecture in Memphis, the Elmwood Cemetery Visitor Center and office has come to symbolize the essence of Elmwood to its families and visitors. A parlor, brick vault, and front porch were added to the building in about 1900, and office space was added in 1998. The office houses a living, working museum with records and artifacts dating back to the nineteenth century. The bell hanging from scaffolding connected to the roof has rung at every funeral procession since the early 1870s, including the first motorized funeral in June 1911. Designed by City of Memphis Engineer J. A. Omberg, the ca. 1900 arched Morgan Bridge that connects East Dudley Street to the grounds was designed specifically so that visitors could take in the beautiful panoramic view when entering the grounds.


City Council District: 6

Super District: 8

County Commission District: 8