Support one of Memphis’ historic properties! The James Lee Hallow Masquerade “Set in the parlors of The James Lee House, the Hallows Masquerade is an elegant evening of entertainment and delight, featuring food, drinks, music, dancing, and reverie.”  SATURDAY, OCTOBER 30 2021 6:30 PM — 11:00 PM Want to see more about this event?Continue Reading

Status: Preserved Address: 2095 Poplar Avenue, Memphis Built: 1924 Architectural Style: Renaissance Revival Original Function/Purpose: Residential The Overton Park Court Apartments were placed on the National Register on June 28, 2021. History: A population boom in Memphis during the 1920s spurred construction of many apartment buildings or complexes, including alongContinue Reading

Status: Preserved Address: 48 Henry Avenue, Memphis Built: 1947 Architectural Style: Nine-story poured-concrete silos Original Function/Purpose: Manufacturing; powdered cement manufacturing facility and warehouse The Missouri Portland Cement Terminal was placed on the National Register on April 9, 2021. History: The Memphis Portland Cement Co. terminal’s nine silos, 131 feet orContinue Reading

Status: Preserved Address: 421 Monroe Avenue, Memphis Built: 1916 Architectural Style: Three-floor reinforced concrete auto showroom and storage facility Original Function/Purpose: Commercial; automobile dealership The Memphis Overland Company was placed on the National Register on April 9, 2021. History: This building was built for the display, sale, service and storageContinue Reading

PLEASE JOIN US! Memphis Heritage is very excited to host an Estate Sale on June 26th, 27th, and 28th 2021. Take a tour through Howard Hall as you look through our for-sale items, including French Antiques, local artist’s work, and so much more! MHI will be accompanied by El MeroContinue Reading

Tickets are $10 per program. Click on the program title to purchase tickets. Purchase a ticket and receive a coupon code for 20% off a new membership or membership renewal! March 1, 6-7pm – Tales from a Custom Headstone Designer – Paul West, Owner, West Memorials Have you ever wonderedContinue Reading


Thank you to our generous sponsor, West Memorials! Order your calendar today! Calendars will be in soon and we’ll be offering shipping, pickup, and limited delivery. You can also pick one up at several local retailers – we’ll be announcing the locations soon. Memphis Heritage’s annual calendar is an educationalContinue Reading


Submit comments to [email protected] by Friday 11/6 at 8am Here is a link to the staff report Below is a letter from NPI explaining concerns about the proposed amendments From Neighborhood Preservation, Inc. October 1, 2020 An Open Letter to City Council Officials, Board of Appeals Members, and Office ofContinue Reading

Status: Preserved Address: 2701 Union Avenue Extended, Memphis Built: 1963 Architectural Style: Local example of Late International Style Original Function/Purpose: Commerce History: Alvin Wunderlich, Sr. founded the National Burial Insurance Company in 1931 with his brother and two others. By 1962 the company had transitioned into “a highly successful regionalContinue Reading