Leah Fox-Greenberg recently spoke at a meeting of the Kiwanis Club of Memphis. She spoke about the importance of preservation, and how it helps not just everyday Memphians, but also organizations that work hard for the Memphis area, such as Kiwanis Club. Download the newsletter to read all about it!Continue Reading

Status: Preserved Address: 3023 Spottswood Avenue, Memphis Built: 1912 Architectural Style: Transitional American Foursquare home Original Function/Purpose: Residential History: This two and one-half story home “is an excellent and uncommon example of a transitional American Foursquare house exhibiting stylistic influences from Victorian-era styles as well as the Colonial Revival, ClassicalContinue Reading

New Century Awards: Honoring Billy Orgel May 5th, 2022, Kay B. Newman Award A big “thank you” to everyone who came out in support of Memphis Heritage honoring Billy Orgel with the Kay B. Newman Award last week.  Billy, we thank you for all that you do in support ofContinue Reading

Support one of Memphis’ historic properties! The James Lee Hallow Masquerade “Set in the parlors of The James Lee House, the Hallows Masquerade is an elegant evening of entertainment and delight, featuring food, drinks, music, dancing, and reverie.”  SATURDAY, OCTOBER 30 2021 6:30 PM — 11:00 PM Want to see more about this event?Continue Reading

Status: Preserved Address: 2095 Poplar Avenue, Memphis Built: 1924 Architectural Style: Renaissance Revival Original Function/Purpose: Residential The Overton Park Court Apartments were placed on the National Register on June 28, 2021. History: A population boom in Memphis during the 1920s spurred construction of many apartment buildings or complexes, including alongContinue Reading

Status: Preserved Address: 48 Henry Avenue, Memphis Built: 1947 Architectural Style: Nine-story poured-concrete silos Original Function/Purpose: Manufacturing; powdered cement manufacturing facility and warehouse The Missouri Portland Cement Terminal was placed on the National Register on April 9, 2021. History: The Memphis Portland Cement Co. terminal’s nine silos, 131 feet orContinue Reading

Status: Preserved Address: 421 Monroe Avenue, Memphis Built: 1916 Architectural Style: Three-floor reinforced concrete auto showroom and storage facility Original Function/Purpose: Commercial; automobile dealership The Memphis Overland Company was placed on the National Register on April 9, 2021. History: This building was built for the display, sale, service and storageContinue Reading