Status: Preserved Address: 1914 Poplar Avenue, Memphis Built: 1923 Architectural Style: Neo-classical style Original Function/Purpose: Multi-family housing History: The Parkview was designed by the St. Louis firm of Barnett, Haynes, and Barnett, a firm with several other notable hotels to its credit. The structure originally contained 165 suites, catering toContinue Reading

ERNEST C. WITHERS HOUSE Status: Preserved Address: 480 West Brooks Road, Memphis Built: 1953 Architectural Style: Minimal Traditional style with Ranch style alterations ca. 1970 Original Function/Purpose: Residential History: Ernest C. Withers lived and worked in this house at the height of his career. He documented some of the mostContinue Reading

Status: Preserved Address: 120 N. East Yates Road, Memphis Built: 1970, with modest exterior additions in the 1980s Architectural Style: Modern Movement Original Function/Purpose: Religious institution The Anshei Sphard-Beth El Emeth Synagogue was placed on the National Register on July 24, 2020.  History: The synagogue was designed by Francis Mah and Keith Kays.Continue Reading

Status: Preserved Address: 2701 Union Avenue Extended, Memphis Built: 1963 Architectural Style: Local example of Late International Style Original Function/Purpose: Commerce History: Alvin Wunderlich, Sr. founded the National Burial Insurance Company in 1931 with his brother and two others. By 1962 the company had transitioned into “a highly successful regionalContinue Reading

Status: Preserved Address: Lions Gate Drive, Memphis Built: 1961-1963 Architectural Style: Above-ground concrete shields, below-ground reinforced concrete fallout shelter. Original Function/Purpose: Nuclear fallout shelter History: The Wooten Fallout Shelter is about 5,600 square feet in size and was to accommodate up to 65 people for one month – Hoyt Wooten’sContinue Reading

Status: Preserved Address: 189 South Barksdale Street, Memphis Built: 1910 and 1912, with many interior reconfigurations and renovations down the years Architectural Style: Classical Revival Original Function/Purpose: Police station History:  The station was built by Mayor E.H. Crump in 1910 for a mounted police force in Memphis’s eastern suburbs, as communities such as Idlewild,Continue Reading

Status: Preserved Address: 9043 Barret Road, Barretville Built: 1932; renovated 1958-59 Architectural Style: Commercial Modern Movement Original Function/Purpose: Bank History: The Barret family settled in northern Shelby County in 1852 and opened a general store four years later. The Barretville Bank was founded in 1920 by Paul W. Barret Sr.Continue Reading

Status: Renovation is planned Address: 360 Metal Museum Drive (formerly 360 and 374 West California Avenue), Memphis Built: 1883-1884 (Nurses Quarters) and 1934-1939 (Hospital Building and Steam Laundry) Architectural Style: Modernist Style Original Function/Purpose: Governmental History: Each of four surviving buildings once part of Memphis’ evolving U.S. Marine Hospital complexContinue Reading