Status: Preserved

Address: 102 North Second Street, Memphis

Built: 1843, 1848, 1881

Architectural Style: Gothic

Original Function/Purpose: Church

The Calvary Episcopal Church & Parish House was placed on the National Register on Apr. 27, 1982.

History: Calvary Episcopal is the oldest church building in Memphis; its congregation was organized in 1832. It and St. Peter’s Catholic Church are the city’s only two remaining pre-Civil War churches. A striking example of Gothic architecture, the building is also one of only three remaining churches in the city built in this style. The church was designed by the congregation’s minister and amateur architect, Rev. Phillip Alston, and built by W. A. Rickford, one of the church’s communicants. The tower was added in 1848 and the chapel in 1881.

City Council District: 6

Super District: 8

County Commission District: 8