Status: Preserved Address: 993 Roland Street, Memphis Built: 1914, ca. 1925 and 1930 Architectural Style: Jacobean Revival Original Function/Purpose: Education History: This school is one of few examples of seventeenth century Jacobean style architecture in Memphis. The 1914 school was designed by architects Walk C. Jones Sr. and Max Furbringer; additionsContinue Reading

Status: Preserved Address: 810 McLemore Avenue, Memphis Built: 1914 Architectural Style: Vernacular American Four Square and Colonial Revival Original Function/Purpose: Residential History: Dr. Christopher M. Roulhac received his medical degree from Howard University Medical School in 1910 and arrived in Memphis in 1913 with his wife Isabelle. His early medical officesContinue Reading

Status: Preserved Location: 8501-8760 East Kerrville-Rosemark Road, and 8519-8727 and 8736 Rosemark Road, Rosemark Built: ca. 1890 to 1963 Architectural Style: Predominantly Bungalows and Minimal Traditional Cottages for dwellings Original Function/Purpose: Residential History: Rosemark is an intact representative example of a rural agricultural district in West Tennessee. Known as RichlandContinue Reading

Status: Preserved Address: 478 Scott Street, Memphis Built: 1955 Architectural Style: Neoclassical Original Function/Purpose: Church History: The present church sanctuary was constructed in 1955, above and around the site of an older edifice. The older building dated from before 1927, serving a congregation of the “Colored Methodist Episcopal Church” in theContinue Reading

Status: Destroyed by fire and will eventually be delisted. Address: 975 Peabody Avenue, Memphis Built: 1889-1890 Architectural Style: Queen Anne and Eastlake Original Function/Purpose: Residential History: In 1890, cotton merchant Newton Copeland Richards moved into his stately new Queen Anne-style home with its rounded porch and circular balcony latticework; the architectContinue Reading

Status: Preserved Address: 1020 Rayner Street, Memphis Built: 1856 Architectural Style: Greek Revival Original Function/Purpose: Residential History: In 1856, Eli Rayner, a scientific farmer, moved his family to a large plot of prime cotton land along the route of the yet-unfinished Memphis and Charleston Railroad, and built this house near whatContinue Reading

Status: Preserved Address: 1034 Audubon Drive, Memphis Built: ca. 1954 Architectural Style: Ranch Original Function/Purpose: Residential History: The Elvis Presley House was still new when the entertainer purchased it for his family in 1956 only weeks after he had recorded “Heartbreak Hotel.” He was able to enjoy it for 13 monthsContinue Reading

Status: Preserved Address: 10 North Main Street, Memphis Built: Completed in 1895 Architectural Style: Eclectic, with elements of both Northern Italian Renaissance and Richardsonian Romanesque Original Function/Purpose: Bank History: The ten-story Continental National Bank was the city’s first skyscraper and (at the time) the tallest building in the world to haveContinue Reading

Status: Preserved Address: 850 North Manassas Street, Memphis Built: 1856-1927 Architectural Style: Italianate (Italian Villa) Original Function/Purpose: Orphanage History: This was Memphis’s first orphanage. The Protestant Widows’ and Orphans’ Asylum was chartered in 1850, and following donation of land by Sarah Leath, the first building of the home was completed inContinue Reading

Status: Endangered Location: Bounded by Commerce and Jackson Avenues on the south, Front Street on the west, North Second and Main Streets on the east, and A.W. Willis Avenue (formerly Auction Avenue) on the north, in Memphis Built: Late 1800s to early 1900s Architectural Style: Eclectic commercial Original Function/Purpose: CommercialContinue Reading