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Memphis Heritage’s annual calendar is an educational and fundraising project of Memphis Heritage, Inc. a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. For its 2021 Calendar, Memphis Heritage is proud to feature Shelby County’s historic cemeteries. There are over 100 documented cemeteries in Shelby County. Cemeteries are not only places of burial, but they also provide a vivid record of community history. Whether large or small, well maintained or neglected, historic cemeteries are an important part of our cultural landscape.

Unfortunately, historic cemeteries do not necessarily remain permanent reminders of our heritage. They are threatened by development and expanding urban areas, natural forces such as weathering and uncontrolled vegetation, and vandalism and theft, including removal of headstones and objects. Neglect accelerates and compounds the process.

We can work together to save and care for cemeteries and their monuments, once so lovingly installed in memory of someone’s father, mother, sister, brother, child. And perhaps in compassionately caring for these physical manifestations of the community’s memory, we will understand our past in new ways and build towards a brighter and more accepting future. Check out our website and stay tuned to our social media for more information on how you can help preserve Shelby County’s historic cemeteries.

Thank you to our 2021 calendar photographer, Julie McCullough, who generously donates her time and talents to MHI!

Julie McCullough is from Millington, TN and holds a BA in Broadcast Journalism and a MA in Teaching from the University of Memphis. She is a CLUE teacher for Shelby County Schools, a language arts-based program for the District’s gifted students, is a tutor for Midtown Math, and serves on the Board of Directors for Memphis Heritage. Her interests include aerial arts, photography, and exploring cemeteries and historic homes. Julie documents her adventures on her Instagram pages @thisplaceinhistory and @juliecmccullough.