Status: Demolished in 1997; delisted Nov. 9, 2007 Address: 272 North Bellevue Boulevard, Memphis Built: 1908 Architectural Style: Beaux Arts History: Maury Elementary School, built in 1908, was considered an architectural twin of Bruce School, both designed in the Beaux Arts style by architect B.C. Alsup (photo above taken 1913-14).Continue Reading

Status: Demolished in 1983; delisted Nov. 9, 2007 Address: 995 South Lauderdale Street, Memphis Built: 1902; additions in 1908, 1920-21, 1925 and 1957 Architectural Style: Early Twentieth-century Eclectic (Beaux Arts and Colonial Revival, etc.) History: “Along with [other] public schools [built] in Memphis between 1902 and 1915, the building reflectsContinue Reading

Status: Demolished in 2000; delisted Nov. 9, 2007 Address: 1372 Latham Street, Memphis Built: 1909; additions in 1922-23, 1930, 1963 and 1970 Architectural Style: Jacobean Revival History: The school, designed by Jones and Furbringer, was an excellent local example of the Jacobean Revival style (photo above taken 1910-11). In OctoberContinue Reading

Status: Demolished; delisted Nov. 9, 2007 Address: 951 Chelsea Avenue, Memphis Built: 1915; additions in 1921, 1939, 1967 and 1971 Architectural Style: Beaux Arts History: This school was one of eight public schools designed by Jones and Furbringer between 1902 and 1915 (photo above taken 1914-15). Sixteen years later aContinue Reading

Status: Demolished in 2006; delisted Nov. 9, 2007 Address: 3200 Mount Olive Road, Memphis Built: 1936; additions in 1949 and 1952 Architectural Style: Art Deco History: The earliest school at this location in the historically Black community of Douglass was built with the aid of the Julius Rosenwald Fund inContinue Reading

Status: Many dwellings demolished; delisted July 22, 2014 Address: 563-610 Arrington Avenue and 556-601 Wells Avenue, Memphis Built: ca. 1910-c. 1930 Architectural Style: Shotguns and double shotguns History: This was an early twentieth-century working class neighborhood, and the historic district was composed of 41 shotgun houses or double shotguns constructedContinue Reading

Status: Demolished; delisted Nov. 9, 2007 Address: 1025 E.H. Crump Boulevard East, Memphis Built: 1921 with later additions Architectural Style: Beaux Arts History: A large home on Lamar Ave. (now E.H. Crump Blvd.) was purchased in 1914 by First Methodist Church to “be adapted to Hospital purposes.” Five years laterContinue Reading

Status: Many homes demolished; delisted Mar. 18, 1987 Location: Roughly, along Vance and Pontotoc Avenues between Danny Thomas Boulevard and disused Frisco railroad tracks west of Walnut Street, in Memphis Built: ca. 1850s – early twentieth century Architectural Style: Various History: Development of the Vance-Pontotoc area began in the earlyContinue Reading

Status: Demolished; delisted Mar. 27, 2013 Address: 2117 Union Avenue, Memphis Built: 1914-20, 1923, 1954 Architectural Style: Classical Revival Ecclesiastical History: Construction of the first portion of the Union Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church was begun in 1914, but due to World War I work was slowed until its completion inContinue Reading