Paisley Hall (Galloway House)

Status: Preserved

Address: 1822 Overton Park Avenue, Memphis

Built: 1908-1910

Architectural Style: Greek Revival

Original Function/Purpose: Residential

Paisley Hall was placed on the National Register on Feb. 12, 1980.

History: Galloway House is considered to be one of the best examples of early twentieth century Greek Revival architecture in Memphis. The home was built by Robert Galloway, who was instrumental in establishing the Memphis Zoo and who chaired the Memphis Park Commission through 17 of its early years. Four massive limestone Ionic columns support a two-story front portico. Many of the interior features were imported from Europe, including a marble fireplace with an elaborately carved French walnut mantel in the drawing room featuring life-sized figures. The house sits on 1.15 acres of well-manicured grounds with glorious azaleas more than six feet tall. Elvis Presley was interested in Galloway House prior to buying Graceland. The mansion was sold at auction in 2003 and is now at the center of an infill development.


City Council District: 5

Super District: 9

County Commission District: 7