Medical Arts Building and Garage (Hickman Building)

Status: Preserved

Address: 248 Madison Avenue and 11 North Fourth Street, Memphis

Built: 1925-1926

Architectural Style: Neo-Gothic

Original Function/Purpose: Commerce

The Medical Arts Building and Garage was placed on the National Register on Aug. 16, 1984.

History: The building was constructed by the Cincinnati firm of Rudolph Tietig and William H. Lee to specifically address the needs of the private medical practitioner, with shared equipment and services provided in the plan of the structure. Planning for this building was begun by a real estate development firm headed by Oran L. Sackett, president of a local insurance company, in response to the burgeoning growth of the Memphis health care profession. By mid-century the expansion of the Memphis Medical Center area resulted in few medical personnel remaining in the building and it became more of a general office building. Businessman Francis G. Hickman purchased the building in the early 1950s and undertook a general renovation. It has been abandoned since 2004 but a new renovation is now in the planning stages.


City Council District: 6

Super District: 8

County Commission District: 8